2012 payroll min/max for officers, partners, sole proprietors

For payroll reported in 2012, the minimum for officers, partners, sole proprietors, etc. is $405 per week or $10,530 per six months.

The maximum is $1,214 weekly or $31,564 per six months.

You must report the actual payroll if it is between the minimum and maximum.

Here’s the link to the BWC web page that addresses how to calculate the correct premiums and who else is subject to the minimum/maximum reporting requirements. http://www.ohiobwc.com/employer/services/paidcomp/paidcomp.asp#minmax

This page also includes FAQ and the payroll caps for construction workers.

Bonnie’s opinion:  It would be GREAT if the BWC would include a warning on the payroll reporting page to check for the minimum and maximum,  plus a link.  That would save companies and the BWC time and money.  See my post dated 9/29/11 BWC cancels policy when no monies are due for my rant on this subject.


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