Go Green provides more employer rebates

The BWC will rebate 1% of premiums, up to $1,000 every six months, for employers who sign up for the Go Green program. Starting with the premiums due August 31, 2012, the BWC will automatically deduct the 1%, up to $1,000, from the total premium amount due when you report your payroll and pay your premiums […]

Group retro deadline is April 30

The last business day in April is the deadline for TPAs to provide their rosters of companies to the BWC.  This year, 2012, it is April 30. Earlier deadlines are to create urgency and are part of the marketing strategy of the group TPAs.  Believe me, if you waited to sign up for group retro […]

Create an e-account on the BWC website

To pay your premiums online and take full advantage of the information on the BWC website, you must create an e-account.  You will need to create an ID and a password.  There will not be any secret questions. Normally, when I give instructions for navigating the BWC website, I walk through the steps as I […]