My group discount is the maximum, so why get other offers for next year?

If your experience modifier (EM) is 47, you are getting the maximum group rating discount.  Why bother getting other offers for the 7/1/16 policy year?  Here are some scenarios: No claims:  If you haven’t had any claims, your company should still be eligible for the maximum discount.  But other group TPAs might offer a lower […]

Group rating “open enrollment”

Here’s what your TPA should be discussing with you: Group rating this year and group rating next year: Make sure you get a fresh offer every year, not just a renewal invoice.  If you pay the renewal invoice and then decide to go with another group, you have to ask for a refund – and […]

Sneaky Group Rating Sales Tactics

Actual scripts for Ohio group rating phone calls: “I just want to verify your address…  Now is this where I should send your free group rating quote?” “Send me your other offers and I’ll tell you which one is the best.” “You need to sign up now because our deadline is August 31.” “We’ve extended our […]

All you REALLY need to know about prospective billing

The policy year will continue to be July 1 through June 30. As always, report your payroll in August 2014 and February 2015, and pay your premium. The deadline to enroll in group rating for the 7/1/15 policy year will be November 24, 2014, not the end of February. In August 2015, you will report […]

New ‘My Policy’ page on BWC website

On 11/15/12, the BWC introduced a new My Policy page for employers.  It is a dashboard of the information an employer needs most often.  Your TPA or other representative will not have access to this page, but can find the same information scattered throughout the BWC website.

Don’t Pay Group Rating Invoices Yet!

If you have been getting bills for next year from your current group TPA, do not pay them now.  Here’s why: The deadline to enroll in group rating is the end of February 2013.  Why pay now for services that won’t start until next July? If you haven’t seen the projected discount, how do you […]

When paying a little is still too much

My daughter signed up for workers’ comp coverage because she is working as spot labor for a number of people this summer and she wanted to be covered in case she got hurt.  Even before the BWC assigned a policy number, she got a solicitation from a group TPA offering to get her into group […]

Don’t lose those discounts! June 30 deadline

Grow Ohio:  If your company is a startup that initiated its workers’ comp coverage on or after 7/1/11, you should get an automatic 25% discount unless you chose to get into group rating for a discount of up to 53%.  You will lose the discount if you don’t complete the safety survey plus 2 hours of safety training […]