Failure to pay workers’ comp results in business being shut down

On 7/25/11, I wrote about a company that had let its coverage lapse in 2006.  Since then, 22 claims have been filed including one death claim.  The business now owes almost $700,000 in premiums, penalties, interest, and claims costs.

Go Green provides more employer rebates

The BWC will rebate 1% of premiums, up to $1,000 every six months, for employers who sign up for the Go Green program. Starting with the premiums due August 31, 2012, the BWC will automatically deduct the 1%, up to $1,000, from the total premium amount due when you report your payroll and pay your premiums […]

Create an e-account on the BWC website

To pay your premiums online and take full advantage of the information on the BWC website, you must create an e-account.  You will need to create an ID and a password.  There will not be any secret questions. Normally, when I give instructions for navigating the BWC website, I walk through the steps as I […]