San Allen claim form due 10/22/14

If you got a letter in August from San Allen Inc v, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and you are entitled to a refund, your claim materials must be postmarked by Wednesday, October 22, 2014. Step One:  Fill out the form, using the company name  and policy number used in 2001-2008, plus your current mailing address, title, and […]

San Allen claim form answers

Include a cover letter if there are/were any changes to the Business Name or policy number during 2001-2008, and if there is a difference between the Business Name and the name on the bank account number. The bank routing number is unnecessary.  Somehow the Court can deposit money into the account once it is satisfied […]

San Allen claim form questions

If the Sworn Proof of Claim is deficient, you will have 20 days to cure it. Here are the questions I have already asked.  (The person who called back left the toll free number which does not enable you to talk to a human being.) What if the Business Name has changed since you got […]

San Allen is not a scam

If you got an envelope from San Allen Inc v. Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, open it.  If you got more than one form, keep them all. You are part of a class action lawsuit that the BWC has settled for $420 million.  If you return the claim form correctly by October 22, 2014, you will […]