DEADLINE Payroll Reporting and Premium Payment

The close of business on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 is the deadline to report payroll for the first half of 2013. The usual deadline is August 30, but it’s the Saturday of Labor Day weekend so the next business day is Tuesday.

Log in at and click on Report and Pay on the home page. Enter your policy number. (Read or print the latest edition of Payroll News.) Choose 1/1/13-6/30/13 from the drop down list. Enter the 6 months of payroll for each manual classification. Elected officers in a corporation must report compensation of at least a minimum of $10,894 and up to a maximum of $32,656. If you are a sole proprietor or partner in a partnership and have elected coverage for yourself, be sure to report compensation between $10,894 and $32,656 for yourself in the manual classification that includes SN.

The next page is new and shows which payment options will give you a discount. Make your choice and click Next. The next page is a summary of your payroll and payment choices; click Previous if you want to make changes. Click Make Payment and read the payment choices. Enter your initials to show you have read the choices, and click Next. Click OK once you have entered your payment information. The next screen will provide an opportunity to charge additional premium to another bank account or credit card, in case you want to spread the payments over more than one credit card or bank account.

Read the Electronic Signature page, and enter your initials. Click I Agree.

PRINT the Payment Confirmation page as your receipt, using the Print button at the top of the page. Trust me; you want to have a copy showing when you paid.

PRINT your coverage certificate. Post it with all your other employment posters.

Now your business is protected and your employees are covered for 8 more months.


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