Go Green provides more employer rebates

The BWC will rebate 1% of premiums, up to $1,000 every six months, for employers who sign up for the Go Green program. Starting with the premiums due August 31, 2012, the BWC will automatically deduct the 1%, up to $1,000, from the total premium amount due when you report your payroll and pay your premiums on line.

Employers in the program will agree to file claims on line, receive their Payroll Report (DP-21) electronically, and pay their premiums on line.  It’s OK if the MCO or provider files claims electronically instead of the employer.

The BWC is still working on the registration process for this program.

This program is not open to entities that report $0.00 payroll (like those in PEO relationships and have to keep their coverage active), entities that pay the minimum $50 premium, and entities in the Flex-pay or 50/50 program.

Employers can get an additional 1% rebate/discount if they also qualify for the Lapse Free program.


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