Help! BWC invoice is confusing

If you recently received an invoice from the BWC, here’s what you are probably seeing:

The Current Activity Detail page starts with Installment.  This is the amount your company owes for its next premium payment.  This amount probably matches the Invoice /Statement page.

Payroll Adjustment is the premium that was due for the first half of 2015 under the old system.

Payroll Transition Credit is the amount that the BWC is “paying” for your premium for the first half of 2015.  This is so businesses don’t have to pay for the first half of 2015 under the old system and also pay their first prospective premiums.  Not every policyholder gets the transition credit.

Payment shows the date of your most recent premium payment.  It may also show a credit for the security deposit you paid when you initiated coverage.

For an explanation of your specific situation, call your TPA, the Employer Services Specialist at your local BWC service office, or the BWC at 1-800-644-6292, option 0, option 2.

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