How to View Prospective Billing payment options online

Log into and select Employers in the orange top bar.  On the right side of the Employer home page under Financial Information, select NEW! Premium Installment Schedule.  Enter your policy number.  You will see the Estimated Annual Premium (EAP) amount and installment schedule for the default every two months payment schedule.  Click the Print button at the top and follow your browser instructions to print the page.  If that doesn’t work, highlight and copy the page to Word and save/print that.

Use the radio button to select a different payment schedule.  You will have to enter your initials indicating that you have the authority to change the selection.  It’s OK because you can change it back to the payment schedule you want at the end of your session.  Copy/print the alternative selection.  Repeat until you have seen all the payment schedules you want.  At the end of the session, select the payment schedule best for you at this time, and then exit the page or website.

You can change your Premium Installment Selection as many times as you want on line until July 15, 2015.  After that you will have to call the BWC and have it make the change.

If your company is subject to the minimum yearly premium, you must pay the entire amount by August 31, 2015.

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