New ‘My Policy’ page on BWC website

On 11/15/12, the BWC introduced a new My Policy page for employers.  It is a dashboard of the information an employer needs most often.  Your TPA or other representative will not have access to this page, but can find the same information scattered throughout the BWC website.

Once you log in as the employer, you will automatically go to the My Policy page.

Company information includes your policy number and contact info.  There is a button to update the address, telephone number, etc.

Account balance shows the total amount due plus buttons to make payment, report & pay and FlexPay.

Rating plan information includes your current EM (experience modifier), rating plan and total costs paid for the experience period.

Coverage status includes buttons to reprint your coverage certificate and request to cancel your coverage.

Program plan information shows your current plan, such as group rating, plus an eligibility lookup button.

Claim history lists claims with links to see more claims and more information about each claim.

Communications profile shows the email addresses for paperless payroll reports and BWC updates.

Important dates lists deadlines that are important for your current status.


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