Ohio BWC invoices need to be fixed now

Invoices sent to Ohio employers make no sense.  They have never been very clear, and now with installment payments & transition credits & security deposit credits they are even more confusing.  Sometimes BWC personnel have difficulty untangling what policyholders owe or are owed.

A client just received an invoice dated 10/23/15 that indicated he owed an amount equal to his premium installment payment.  The due date was 11/20/15.  The only explanation was “Detailed information regarding the beginning balance on this Invoice/Statement was shown on an earlier Invoice/Statement.”  The employer already made the installment payment due on 11/2/15, so he called me to find out what it meant.  I advised him that it was meaningless since he owed nothing.

The BWC expects its policyholders to pay electronically to avoid the expense of dealing with paper checks.  Yet it sends paper Invoice/Statements that are wasteful, confusing and misleading.  What if an employer didn’t have a TPA to advise him/her and made another installment payment to meet the 11/20/15 due date?  How much time is wasted by employers, TPAs and BWC personnel trying to figure out what, if anything, is owed?

As part of its transition to prospective billing, the BWC should have created a billing system that includes invoices that are clear.  Instead, it continues to waste its resources trying to shoehorn all its computer systems into one software package that is unable to handle the complexity of the Ohio workers’ compensation system.

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