POODLE bug impacts Ohio BWC website

Employers using XP and/or Internet Explorer 6 or 7 will no longer be able to access the e-business portion of the BWC website (dolphin), which means you can’t report payroll or pay premiums.  Dolphin is designed to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  Update IE to the latest version your operating system will support, but at least 8.0.

Learn more by calling BWC tech support at 614-644-0479.  If you can log in to www.bwc.ohio.gov, read the BWC Message Board, click continue, and then click on HELP at the bottom of the Home page.

(If you are still using Windows XP, you should upgrade to Windows 7 immediately.)

The BWC made this change because of the POODLE bug.  POODLE is a computer vulnerability that can permit a “man in the middle” to capture your passwords and cookies, which puts your accounts and information at risk.

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