Premiums are due 8/31/12

Ohio workers’ comp premiums are due by August 31, 2012.  Payment must be received by the BWC on or before 8/31/12.  Mailed payments must be received, not postmarked, by 8/31/12.  The BWC is more strict than the IRS!

If you report your payroll and pay your premium in full on line, the BWC will automatically calculate a 1% Go Green discount, up to $1,000 each six months.  You will not get the Go Green discount if you only pay the $50 minimum administrative cost.

If you choose the 50/50 option to pay half of the premium due now, the BWC will send you an invoice when it’s time to pay the 2nd half.  You will not get the Go Green discount.

You can also choose to report payroll now and schedule an ACH transfer from a savings or checking account to the BWC at a later date.

Go to and click on Pay Premium in the middle section.  Enter your policy number.  Follow the prompts to enter your payroll.  The BWC will calculate your premium and ask how you want to pay it.  When you are finished, be sure to print the Payroll report confirmation and your Certificate of Premium Payment.

POST YOUR COVERAGE CERTIFICATE including the bottom section titled REQUIRED POSTING with all the other employment posters.  This will protect you, the employer, if any of your employees test positive for drugs or intoxicants when they are injured.


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