San Allen claim form questions

If the Sworn Proof of Claim is deficient, you will have 20 days to cure it.

Here are the questions I have already asked.  (The person who called back left the toll free number which does not enable you to talk to a human being.)

What if the Business Name has changed since you got coverage or during the 2001-2008 period?  My company name changed, so which name do I use?

Should the Present Address be the mailing address or physical address?

Is the rebate going to be a direct deposit to the bank account listed?

What if the bank account name doesn’t match the Business Name?

What about the bank routing number?

What is the physical address for companies that want to use FedEx or UPS to deliver the Sworn Proof of Claim form and obtain proof of delivery?


What other questions do you want me to ask?

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