ActuComp Ohio, LLC – an Ohio workers’ compensation TPA*

What We Do

Ohio Workers' Comp monkey

Get the Ohio Workers’ Comp Monkey Off Your Back®

Discounts: We help you enroll in the discount programs that save you the most but cost you the least in dollars, time & effort.

Deadlines: We provide personalized reminders of BWC deadlines so you don’t lose your coverage or discounts.

Compliance: We provide personalized reminders of discount program requirements so you don’t lose your discounts.

Claims: We contact you when the claim is filed and keep in contact as long as it is active or impacts your premium rates.

Our unique Group Rating Matchmaker® will find you the group that saves you the most, costs the least, and meets your needs. Last year’s group may not be this year’s best group for you.

*TPA usually stands for Third Party Administrator, but ActuComp is Thorough, Personalized and proActive.