About ActuComp Ohio

ActuComp founder Bonnie Fraser

ActuComp Founder
Bonnie R. Fraser

“Thanks for saving us money.”
“Cuts through red tape very quickly.”
“Bonnie is awesome to work with and she always gets back to you immediately with answers.”
“She has compassion in difficult situations.”
Comments from a January 2012 anonymous survey of ActuComp Ohio, LLC clients

“I could hardly wait to work with Bonnie again, after I switched companies.”
Carol J., Blind and Sons LLC

“Get the Ohio workers’ comp monkey off my back? That’s exactly what you do!”
Natalie B., Saw Systems, Inc.

ActuComp Ohio, LLC is a workers’ compensation TPA* that helps companies improve profitability through strategic management of Ohio workers’ compensation. Bonnie R. Fraser founded the company in 1991. Our advice is objective because we are not affiliated with or owned by any other companies. We accept no commissions, kickbacks or broker’s fees.

Group Rating Matchmaker® is unique to ActuComp, where we find the group rating offer that saves you the most, costs the least and meets your company’s needs.

How do you pronounce it? Think of a sneeze: ACK choo comp

*TPA usually stands for Third Party Administrator, but ActuComp Ohio, LLC is Thorough, Personalized and proActive.