ActuComp Services

ActuComp servicesGroup Rating Matchmaker®
We find your company the group that saves you the most, costs you least, and meets your needs. We request offers from the best groups, not the ones with the biggest marketing budgets. We read the contracts to make sure you don’t hamstring your company with unreasonable conditions. Unique to ActuComp Ohio, LLC.

Discount Programs
There are more than 15 BWC discount programs, with different requirements. We help you maximize your discounts while minimizing your time and efforts.

Deadlines & Compliance
We remind you of your deadlines for premium payments and requirements for BWC programs. Don’t risk losing your coverage or discounts by missing the due dates.

Claims Management
As a TPA, we work to prevent minor claims from becoming major headaches. We contact you as soon as a claim is filed, and we keep in contact as long as the claim is active or impacts your premium rates.

OSHA/Safety Council
We make sure non-recordable claims are eliminated to improve your frequency and severity history. We help you quickly complete the semiannual safety council report to get your rebate.

BWC Audit Preparation & Attendance
We attend to ensure audit changes don’t mess up your group rating or other discount programs. Your accountant knows your numbers; we know your discount programs and requirements.

M & A Due Diligence
Buyers, don’t buy a company and acquire a workers’ comp nightmare. Your accountants and attorneys don’t know the claims or the BWC programs & deadlines that will impact your premium rates. All BWC information goes to the seller until you tell the BWC about the transaction.

Sellers, you should get a better price when your workers’ compensation experience is an asset & not a liability. You concentrate on the transaction and we will manage the claims and compliance with BWC programs.

Get the Workers’ Comp Monkey Off Your Back®