Create an e-account on the BWC website

To pay your premiums online and take full advantage of the information on the BWC website, you must create an e-account.  You will need to create an ID and a password.  There will not be any secret questions.

Normally, when I give instructions for navigating the BWC website, I walk through the steps as I write them.  But I already have an e-account and don’t want to create another, so I trust you to follow the prompts.  As I recall, however, the BWC did not tell me the protocol for my ID and password until after the first one was rejected, so be prepared to make changes.

Write down the ID and password and make sure someone else at your company can find them, in case you are unavailable in the future.  Paying premiums late is not in your company’s best interest!

FRAUD ALERT:  E-account access enables you to change the contact information, including phone numbers, email and mailing addresses, and will provide access to the medical records in the claims filed against your company.  Be sure that only responsible and trustworthy persons have access to them.


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