Getting Ohio workers’ comp coverage

On the home page of, select Apply for Coverage.  Read New/Start-up business in Ohio and then click the link.  Read Application for Ohio Workers’ Compensation Coverage (U-3).  Click on each of the links to read about various aspects of starting coverage, like Grow Ohio which enables new policies to qualify for group rating.  Use your Back button to return to the Application page.

Click on Forms (on the bottom of the left sidebar) and print a copy of the U-3 application.  Fill it out in pencil.  Consult with your TPA to determine the correct manual codes, learn how to estimate payroll and find out whether enrolling in group rating will save you money.  For example, if you will only have to pay the minimum $120 per year, group rating will cost you money but not save any.

See this blog post for an explanation of the current minimum and maximum reporting requirements for sole proprietors, partners and corporation officers:

Your coverage starts as soon as you submit the application online and pay the $120 fee via credit card.  Or you can go to your local service office for help in completing the form and pay the fee.

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