Online safety training quick & easy

The BWC has redesigned the BWC Learning Center, and if you are in a hurry to complete your 2 hours of safety training before June 30, here’s how to do it.

Go to

  1. Enter your policy number, ID and password.  If you are a new user to the Learning Center, your ID & password have to be different from the ID & password you use for the BWC website.
  2. Click on Learning Center and choose Course Catalog on the drop down menu.
  3. Enter “online” in the search bar.  20 courses will be listed.  Click on the blue circle to see the course description.  You can also see reviews from other users by clicking the tab at the top of the page.
  4. To enroll, go back to the list of courses and click on the title.  Click the Enroll button.
  5.  Take the course.  It will probably not take as long as the number of hours you get credit for.
  6. Take the test.
  7. Take the survey.
  8. Go to My Transcript to view and save/print your certificate.
  9. Report it to your group TPA so they can advise the BWC.


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