Sneaky Group Rating Sales Tactics

Actual scripts for Ohio group rating phone calls:

“I just want to verify your address…  Now is this where I should send your free group rating quote?”

“Send me your other offers and I’ll tell you which one is the best.”

“You need to sign up now because our deadline is August 31.”

“We’ve extended our deadline to October 15 so you need to sign up now.”

(The BWC deadline is the Monday before Thanksgiving.)

What some group TPAs don’t explain is that their fee runs January through December, even though the discount doesn’t start until July.  And if you are already in a group with a different TPA, then they can’t represent you until the new group starts in July.  And that they will bill you half way through the group year for another calendar year.  In other words, they want you to pay for 24 months when the group discount and their ability to represent you is only good for 12 months.

There’s a better way to get into the group that saves you the most and costs the least.  Contact ActuComp Ohio today to find out about the Group Rating Matchmaker®.

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